Hi! My name is Carmindy. Thank you for clicking on my listing!

This auction is for a complete set of my GUMMY WORM GAME. Due to the idea thieves, I have decided not to explain in detail WHAT my gummy worm game IS exactly– just know that you’ll be in for an exciting, humiliating, time!! hahahahaha

Full instructions are included.


THIS IS A HUMILIATION GAME— and contains items ‘influenced’ by bodily fluids and the like. By bidding you are confirming that you’ve read this and understand that you may come in contact and/or consume various bodily fluids without the immediate knowledge of what it is. (Answers are in numbered, sealed envelopes.)

Because I kept getting emails I want to clarify: The ‘bodily fluids’ are from ME, ONLY me, no one else– men or women, no pets etc.

Typical game time play is approximately half hour or longer depending on if you make it into a forced intox game.

If you cannot play the game right away upon receipt I would highly suggest putting the whole box into the refrigerator until you are ready.


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