Panty lovers ♥ Caught you sniffing my panties!

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In real life I actually have a HUGE panty fetish! I own over 300+ pairs of panties and LOVE to model them for you and take pictures! Want to be my panty boy who cares for all my delicate items? Or do you want to rummage through my dirty laundry hamper? *wink*

I am in desperate need of a laundry boy. A good boy who will take all my dirty panties, wash them by hand and make sure I get them back fresh and clean. Could this be you??

My last laundry boy abused the privilege by thinking he could get away with taking my week’s worth of dirty panties and then once he was done playing with them, just threw them into a commercial washer and returned them to me in a wrinkled pile. This is NOT the way to treat my precious panties. For that he was punished by wearing the CB 3000, in which I held the key, for 3 months.

Don’t let this happen to you.

This is a REAL fetish of mine! I love taking these types of calls! You panty sniffers really make me giggle!