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BREAKING: Scientists prove men drinking pumpkin spice flavored syrups have lower than average testosterone levels.


Scientists in Bismark, North Dakota, trying to develop a cure for male patterned baldness, discovered that the consumption of pumpkin spice flavoring syrups have a direct influence on testosterone levels.

Researcher, Mark Kuntacki, claims that his group has test subjects from over 20 countries who have participated in the trial studies, financed by Schmekel Pharmaceuticals. “What we have [here] is proof that men who consume pumpkin spice flavored syrups do in fact have lower testosterone levels than their simple cream and sugar coffee drinking counterparts.”

In an analysis of 750 healthy male volunteers between 21 and 45 years of age, the scientists found that men older than 30 who consumed the pumpkin spice flavored syrups, found in drinks such as pumpkin spice lattes, had, on average, 27 percent less testosterone as compared to men older than 30 who consumed coffee drinks without the syrup. Kuntacki continues saying, “The consumption of caffeine is thought to increase blood flow [to genitals] but when testosterone levels are reduced below normal, they [pumpkin spice syrups] have an undeniable affect on muscle tone and stamina, resulting in effects similar to phytoestrogens.”