Yes.. it’s me… HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you to Eric, Mike, and Rob for all the emotional support. I think y’all know me better than most to be honest. I wouldn’t have the balls to do half this shit if it wasn’t for you guys hyping me up. 

I understand that I’m not someone that most people can follow from their “main” account, and actually for the most part I have all my content on lockdown with privacy settings anyway, so whatever “likes” and “follows” happen, happen. I’ve got the link on my website, just like my private YouTube channel videos. I’ve got the same feeling towards it as the feedback system on here… all it does is create a transaction trail. If you don’t want people to know you watch my videos or call me then simply don’t say anything. You can always send me a private message on Niteflirt to let me know you saw it/tell me what you think, like many of you already do.

Music video for “Big Dick” being worked on at this very moment. You will be the first to see it before it goes live! I’m tellin ya right now– I’m am absolutely terrified. I re-wrote a very catchy pop song and it’s honestly, one of those epic Weird Al moments– once you hear my version, you won’t be able to un-hear it when you listen to the original. HAHAHAHA #mindfucked 

Talk to you soon! xo